About FIAU

Founded in 2021 as a fully independent not-for-profit global initiative, the Forum for Innovation in African Universities (FIAU) is the foremost University-Industry Partnership network dedicated to fostering meaningful partnerships to strengthen Africa’s higher education system through intellectual debate and resource mobilisation. It has no ties to any political ideology or interest group.

Our Global Annual Meetings attract and engage leading minds in academe, businesses, governments, and the third sector who gather annually in July to debate, influence, and develop programmes that shape higher education innovation agendas in Africa. Our relationship with key decision makers in these sectors means we are a ‘voice of influence’ able to leverage the research insight, knowledge, and policy developed during our meetings to strengthen the capacity of African universities to deliver high quality educational outcomes that enhance youth employability and contribute to their countries’ socio-economic development. As trusted ally for facilitating insightful discussions, knowledge exchange and networking, our priority is to help African universities to overcome their institutional challenges by connecting them globally with highly reputable higher education institutions and industry stakeholders that form the bedrock of our network.

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Accelerating Innovation of African Higher Education

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Address: Plot G12, Pinnock Beach estate, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Jura Immobilien & Vermittlungs GmbH Hauptstrasse 19 85120 Hepberg/Germany.
Phone: +1(456)657-887
mail: info@fiau.org

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