Forum for Innovation in African Universities

Role of key players in a university’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

A university’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem consists of a complex network of stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, investors, industry partners, government agencies, and the wider community. Each of these stakeholders plays a critical role in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation within the university. Here is a brief overview of the key players in a university’s […]

Promoting collaboration among African Universities

Promoting collaboration among African universities is essential for accelerating innovation, fostering regional development, and addressing common challenges. Here are some strategies that can be used to promote collaboration among African universities: Overall, promoting collaboration among African universities requires a sustained effort from multiple stakeholders, including universities, governments, industry, and civil society. By leveraging regional networks, […]

Conceptualising a university ecosystem framework

A university ecosystem framework is a way of conceptualizing the interconnected relationships between various stakeholders within and outside a university. It takes into account the complex network of interactions between students, faculty, administrators, alumni, government, industry, and the wider community. The following are key elements of a university ecosystem framework: A university ecosystem framework provides […]

Accelerating Innovation in African Universities

Accelerating innovation in African universities requires a multifaceted approach that involves collaboration between universities, industry, and government, as well as investment in research and development. Here are some steps that could be taken to accelerate innovation in African universities: Overall, accelerating innovation in African universities requires a coordinated effort from governments, universities, and industry. By […]