Forum for Innovation in African Universities


Every year FIAU creates a platform that brings together key stakeholders and decision-makers from academia, business, and government to evaluate and find solutions to the most pressing challenges facing Africa’s higher education sub-sector. Speaking is strictly by invitation.

Although participation is open and free, but because our meetings attract high-profile speakers all participants must be fully registered and pass our strict vetting criteria to be granted access to our Meeting. Our Meetings have no particular or preferred format. To provide Speakers and participants with as much context and opportunity as possible to actively engage and contribute, each year we rely on a key theme related to our Focus

To shape and guide discussion around this theme, we have sub-themes within Tracks coordinated by Track Chairs. To drive our knowledge exchange and innovation agenda, we ensure that each Speaker and Track delivers clear outcomes that we can disseminate and action to deliver impact at scale.

2023 Annual Meeting
2022 Annual Meeting
2021 Annual Meeting