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Chrisland University, Nigeria

The major foundation of what has become Chrisland University (the University arm of Chrisland Schools Limited) today was laid over forty years ago by Dr. (Mrs.) Winifred Awosika, OON.

The institution opened its doors with only seven students. High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Winifred Awosika, OON had always nurtured the dreams of establishing new educational levels every ten years with a vision to be at the forefront of private education in Nigeria, and have a leadership position from kindergarten to tertiary level.

Her dreams were brought to life when she established the Nursery section which she started by educating not more than seven pupils in her kitchen.

She however got more pupils and there was a need for expansion. Chrisland Schools which was founded in 1977 remains the largest privately owned educational institution in Nigeria.

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