Forum for Innovation in African Universities

FIAU 2023 Conference Communique and Brief

University education broadens opportunities for individuals by providing access to a breadth of skills needed to thrive in life, work, and citizenship. However African universities face pressing challenges ranging from funding constraints, and low enrolment rates to low technology adoption which curtail students’ ability to acquire employability skills needed to succeed in life after graduation. […]

Embrace Innovation and Empower Students

💡🔬 Embrace innovation, and empower students! African universities face challenges, but we have the power to overcome them. Let’s come together at the meeting hosted by FIAU, NUC, ITF, and Rohde & Schwarz to explore sustainable university-industry partnerships, leverage technology, and foster entrepreneurship in our institutions. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter […]

white Paper: Accelerating Innovation in African Universities

Summary Institutional measures that provide livelihood opportunities often produce ambiguous and marginal results for individuals. But not in the case of opportunities that universities can provide. Universities can play a central role as centres of knowledge generation and employment creation and ultimately spur economic growth in any society. However, African universities have yet to live […]

Supporting Students’ start-up creation in African university

Supporting students’ start-up creation and scale in African universities is essential for fostering entrepreneurship, promoting innovation, and contributing to the economic development of the region. Here are some strategies that can be used to support student’s start-up creation and scale in African universities: Overall, supporting students’ start-up creation and scale in African universities requires a […]